Halo: Nightfall, the feature film from director Ridley Scott, is coming soon and has started teasing photos. The first is of a major character in the series called Agent Locke.

Don't fret though Halo fans, the Master Chief will still be the main character in the movie. Spartan character Agent Locke is a rising star in the futuristic army who harbors reservations about those in higher command positions. The character will be played by Mike Colter of The Good Wife and The Following fame.

Another worry that fans had was that the film wouldn't even survive the Microsoft cuts. With 18,000 people being laid off and the Xbox Entertainment Studios getting ditched many worried the Halo: Nightfall series wouldn't get finished. Microsoft has said that this won't affect the movie.

The aim of the Halo: Nightfall, according to creators 343 Industries boss Bonnie Ross, is to introduce characters before the new Halo 5: Guardians game.

The Halo: Nightfall feature will be bundled with Halo: The Master Chief Collection when that is released later this year.

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