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(Pocket-lint) - Monument Valley diehards can now purchase a Totem collectors' toy online, and it'll be carved from wood and hand-painted by a graphic designer and illustrator living in New York City.

Andreas Ekberg, the artist who sells Totem on Etsy, said his version of Totem is loosely based on a character from mobile game Monument Valley. He described the handmade product as a "piece of original fan art, with the blessings of the actual game makers."

Thought to be the most beautiful mobile game of this year, Monument Valley won the 2014 Apple Design Award in June. Developer Ustwo released the iOS and Android title last spring, noting the average time to complete the puzzle game is just 94 minutes.

The goal in Monument Valley is to lead Princess Ida through mazes and puzzles presented in a minimalist 3D design and isometric point of view. You must also find hidden passages as Ida works her way through the map, outsmarting the Crow People.

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"I'm a huge fan of the game Monument Valley and while playing it, I met Totem, now a dear friend. I immediately felt that I needed to bring Totem to life," explained Ekberg in the product's Etsy description. "I hope you will provide a nice new home for a Totem."

Ekberg's Totem is actually a sculpture toy with a movable head, and each Totem is hand-crafted over the course of three days as well as painted, numbered, and signed. Dimensions are as follows: 36cm x 9cm x 9cm.

You can buy a Totem now for £104.87 on Etsy. Shipping to the UK costs an additional £17.98.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 14 July 2014.
  • Source: Etsy - The Totem, a friend from Monument Valley - etsy.com
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