Kids absolutely love the Disney movie Frozen. Love. It. Indeed they love it so much that the famous London toy store Hamleys told Pocket-lint during its recent Christmas in July event that it can't stock Frozen tie-in toys fast enough, they just fly off the shelves.

The PS4 has also been a major success story since it was released in November in the US and UK, February in Japan, so why not combine both? Make some form of super successful product that couldn't possibly fail to attract the younger generation.

And that's exactly what Sony and Disney have teamed to do in Japan. A limited edition Frozen PlayStation 4 is due to be released in the country on 16 July for 42,980 yen (£250) and Sony is taking pre-orders now.

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The black console (surely the white one would've suited more?) has been adorned with a special golden print depicting Anna and Elsa, the two sisters from the film, along with a swathe of snowflakes. What more can a kid want?

Strangely though, it is going on sale to coincide with the release of the movie on Blu-ray and DVD in Japan, but won't actually include a copy of the disc in the box. All the general accessories come with it, but bar the print there is nothing else to distinguish it from a generic PS4.

There are also no plans at present to release the Frozen edition in any other country. So you'll have to plan a Japanese visit soon if you want one for yourself, er, your kids.

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