Project Spark, the game creation tool and system, will be released in the UK on 10 October, 7 October in the US. Currently available to Windows 8.1 and Xbox One owners as an open beta which will end, the full retail version will be a free download for both platforms with paid content available through an in-game store.

It will therefore be a free-to-play title, only asking for cash for enhancements and add-ons. An Xbox One disc version, the Project Spark Starter Pack, will also go on sale for £29.99 which will include the sci-fi pack, Galaxies: First Contact, warrior champion Sir Haakon Hawk, the first episode of an epic campaign adventure, Champions Quest: Void Storm, and other normally paid-for add-ons and features.

All of the same content will be available to buy through the online store for free-to-play users.

When the game moves out of beta into the full release, all content previously created by the large number of Project Spark enthusiasts will still remain accessible. So even if you don't fancy creating your own games initially, you will still be able to play many thousands of levels and games created by others.

You can still join the Project Spark beta program prior to the official release at

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