During the EA press conference, the software publisher revealed that Criterion games – the creator of the Burnout and other driving titles – is working on something a bit more open and madcap than usual.

The developer is expanding its vehicle racing game expertise to include a vast lime-up of other craft. Wing suits, helicopters, skidoos, boats, quad bikes and much much more will all be available to race with. And all of the action will be viewed in first person.

Criterion said that it has been inspired by the self-shot videos of extreme sports posted online, often using a Go Pro camera mounted on a helmet or handlebars. The close point of view action in those videos is often far more exciting to view than a remote shot, so should make for an immersive gaming experience.

In addition, the developer will be returning to much of its Burnout roots in introducing extreme crashes and mayhem to the title.

It is very early in development at the moment - early in-game footage confirms this with little or no textures on the graphical models – and the game doesn't even have a name yet.

We suspect we'll find out much more, including a possible release date, at next year's E3 in 2015.