Frontier Developments has launched the Premium Beta phase of Elite: Dangerous, the multiplayer rehash of one of the most famous and revered games of all time.

The full Premium Beta, with mutiplayer functionality, isn't due to start until 30 May, but a single-player combat build is now available for early access. There's only one snag, it'll cost you £100 if you want to be an early adopter.

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An Alpha build has been available for a while, with different upgrades introducing new features and aspects of the game. The buy-in for that test phase was £200, so the £100 Premium Beta fee is reasonable in comparison. A fourth phase of Alpha will also be released soon that adds two modes of faster than light travel and a full Milky Way galactic map, containing 400 billion star systems.

For those who are willing to wait a bit longer, a standard Beta build will be released for £50 and the final game will cost £35 when it is launched later this year. Both are available for pre-order from the dedicated Elite: Dangerous website.