(Pocket-lint) - Borderlands fans rejoice a third instalment in the series is on its way soon. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel will be set between the first and second games.

The new Borderlands game will focus on the Borderland 2's villainous character, Handsome Jack, while being set on the moon of Pandora, Elpis. Yes, the moon.

As you'd expect from a game based in a futuristic off-world landscape there will be laser weapons and even "Cryo" freezing guns on offer. 2K games says there will be four characters to chose from: Athena – The Gladiator, Wilhelm – The Enforcer, Nisha – The Lawbringer, and Claptrap – The Fragtrap. It should be an interesting story that shows the path of Handsome Jack as he becomes the loveable bad guy featured in Borderlands 2.

The enemies awaiting gamers on the moon include Scavengers, Lunatics, and giant bandits in 70s-era NASA spacesuits. Apparently – and we're looking forward to this – you can blast enemies off the surface and into space, because it's the moon.

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The moon gravity factor also adds a new angle as characters can jump huge heights, and double jump, thanks to an oxygen-based jet pack. And for those feeling particularly superhero-like combining the double jump with the crouch button performs a ground-pounding slam that deals area of effect and elemental damage. Just be sure to keep that oxygen topped up by looting the same way as is done with ammo.

2K is showing off Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel at PAX East this weekend. A release date has not been announced but 2K is aiming for this autumn on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC only. No next-gen this time then.

Writing by Luke Edwards.