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(Pocket-lint) - Monument Valley is a new iPhone and iPad game from ustwo, the makers of Whale Trail, that sees you navigate a girl called Ida through a series of puzzles inspired by M C Escher.

We visited the company's studio in Shoreditch, London, to speak with the director, designer, and others involved in the new game ahead of the launch on the iPhone and iPad to find out what it is all about.

Taking almost a year to complete, the emphasis, according to ustwo, has always been about creating a game you can complete rather than one that never ends.

"Monument Valley is like a beautiful coffee table book that you are happy to pick up over and over again even though you've read it before," explains Neil McFarland, Director of Games at ustwo to Pocket-lint.

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We've been playing the game ahead of the launch and have to agree. Beautifully serene, the puzzles are simple and logical, but are still enjoyable with many of the levels giving you a "wow" moment you'll be keen to instantly share with those that are around you.

These wow moments are at the heart of what the game is about, and something that you rarely experience with the likes of Candy Crush or Angry Birds.

In many cases, they aren't even when you've done something that dramatic, but combined with other things that are going on at the time in the game, make it all the more gratifying. To explain what they are specifically though would destroy the moment so we will let you discover them for yourself.

With its delicious graphics, haunting music, and at times whimsical gameplay, there is no denying that even the newest gamer will be able to complete Monument Valley, but that's not a negative here and true gamers shouldn't be put off by that either.

Ustwo has somehow managed to reward everyone involved without producing a dumbed down experience that will alienate, just in the same way BAFTA winning game Journey, on the PS3, achieved.

Whether you are new to games or an old hand, Monument Valley is a pleasure to play and you'll relish and enjoy every brief fleeting moment.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 31 March 2014.