Ouya has a new version of its original console available for purchase - complete with a new look, better specs, and steeper price tag.

Ouya just announced a black matte variant with twice the storage amount. No longer are you limited to 8GB, because now you can buy Ouya's Android-based console with 16GB on board. That means you can play more of the new games popping in the Ouya store.

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Ouya's new console ships with the redesigned controller that Ouya quietly rolled out in the latter-half of 2013. It is supposed to have a more-textured thumbsticks, non-sticky action buttons, and tighter triggers - effectively eliminating any issues regarding "soft" tension and flimsy hardware. It also features a better Bluetooth connection and Wi-Fi performance.

You can buy the black matte Ouya starting today from Amazon or Ouya's website for $129.99. The original Ouya is still available for purchase, but it's quite a bit cheaper. It costs $99.99. Still, for just $30 more, you can opt for a sleeker look and more storage.

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Ouya likely rolled out a new version of its console after the response from its limited-edition white variant that launched in North America last Christmas. Similarly, that unit shipped with 16GB of built-in storage for $129.99.

We've contacted Ouya to learn more details on availability outside of the US, and we'll update when that information becomes available.