As odd as it might sound, we do get stupidly excited about a nice keyboard, and they don't come much nicer than Corsair's Vengeance series of gaming keyboards. We've reviewed the K70, and it remains one of the nicest keyboards of all time, and we're still using it, indeed, these words are written on it.

Perhaps the main problem with the K70 is that not everyone likes the red backlight, so the firm has come up with a better idea, and that's RGB colour-changing LEDs, with the option to light each key individually with its own colour, from a palette of some 16 million.

While this is mostly aimed at gamers, for once these keyboards might also be of use to video editors, who use coloured keys on very over-priced keyboards to remember shortcuts. We use ours to highlight the Qwerty keys, which makes it easier to maintain those late-night writing sessions we all love.

And for the pure gamer, the lack of customisable G keys might be an issue, with some noticing that the K70s function key placement remains the same in this new keyboard - which is a touch frustrating as they need to be further away and more prominent. But this is the first keyboard with RGB keys and we're sure it won't be the last.

No word on price yet, but the K70 is £120, so expect somewhere north of that. We have to say, we can't help thinking it will be a £200 keyboard. Expensive, but something that lasts for ever. And having used the K70, we can't even bear the idea of using something else.