So you’ve got your iPad full of games, you’ve even got a case that makes it a stand, but you’re still covering the screen in fingermarks trying to play. SteelSeries is coming to the rescue with its wireless console-style Stratus gaming controller.

The controller, which works with iOS 7, connects to your iPhone or iPad using Bluetooth. This allows the controller to keep going for over 10 hours before needing a charge, which takes two hours. And because the Wi-Fi isn't being used you can output to your TV using AirPlay Mirroring for big screen gaming.

The Stratus features the usual D-pad but also has four pressure-sensitive buttons plus a further four pressure-sensitive shoulder buttons, dual analogue sticks, a dedicated pairing button and a power button.

Up to four gaming controllers can be connected to a device at one time, meaning your iPhone can be the gaming centre of a four-way race, for example, on any TV that is hooked up for AirPlay Mirroring.

The SteelSeries Stratus controller is available now for £90.