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(Pocket-lint) - Elite, the developer and publisher behind the ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection and other retro gaming apps for iPhone and iPad, is finally ready to make its Zx Spectrum Bluetooth keyboard accessory a reality.

First touted in February 2011 - and covered by Pocket-lint - the keyboard links with an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch and dedicated Spectrum games converted and re-released by Elite. You can then get a similar feel while playing the games to that experienced back in the early 1980s.

Many of the classic games from the period will have support so you don't have to use an on-screen emulated keyboard, and if you also have an Apple TV or HDMI cable converter for your iOS device, you can play the games on a big screen. To be honest, anything above a 17-inch screen will probably be more than we were used to originally.

Before the keyboard is released later in 2014, Elite hopes to raise funding for the project on Kickstarter. It will soon launch a crowdfunding page on the online platform and is seeking £60,000. Funding options start at just £10, but those pledging £50 or more will get one of the keyboards when they first ship - most likely in September 2014.

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Until then, you can check out Elite's vast library of re-released Spectrum and Commodore 64 games on iTunes.

There is also a dedicated webpage where you can find out more and register your interest in the device at bluetoothzxspectrum.com.

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