Kickstarter updated its statistics page today, revealing that 2013 completely beat last year in terms of successful funding for game projects.

The crowdfunding platform published a blog post in 2012 - called The Year of the Game - to detail how gaming is the biggest lure for Kickstarter backers, and it looks like that bankable trend continued to flourish into 2013.

Funding for game developers now make up more than 20 per cent of all pledged money. Specifically, games account for nearly 22 per cent of the entire $919 million (£564 million) spent on Kickstarter thus far. Game projects have generated around $200 million, though that figure drops to $178 million when pledges for unfunded projects are deducted.

So what does all that mean? Well, let's put this into perspective: backers pledged only $83 million to games during The Year of the Game (aka 2012), while 2013 saw roughly $112 million spent on game projects. And there's still two weeks left before 2014 begins.

But that's not all: games also earn more than any other category on Kickstarter. Currently, 54 projects have earned more than $1 million, but 29 of them were campaigns for games. Technology landed the No. 2 spot, naturally.

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For more breakdowns and figures on funding for game developers, check out Kickstarter's Stat page or the promo video from Kickstarter below. You can also learn more about Kickstarter's first year in the UK via the platform's recent blog post.