Telltale Games has released the full trailer for the second season of its superb serialised adventure games based on The Walking Dead comic books.

If you've not finished the first season yet or played the add-on bridge episode 400 Days, not only do we recommend you go do so immediately - as much of what you chose to do in each will affect the story in the new games - but we also suggest you stop reading immediately. And definitely don't watch the trailer as it is spoiler-laden.

Staying? Okay, on your own head be it.

Season two centres on survivor of the first season Clementine (see, we told you), who faces the horror of travelling alone. It is based one year after the events of the conclusion to the first series and players will have to get used to thinking like a child rather than an adult as another round of tough and impactful decisions must be made throughout. And there are likely to be some very surprising guests along the way. Especially if one still from the trailer is to be believed.

the walking dead season 2 game trailer released coming very soon  image 2

Telltale is yet to reveal when the game will officially launch, beyond "very soon", but it has confirmed that the following episodes will be released throughout 2014.

The Walking Dead: Season Two will be available for Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Mac and iOS. Those who pre-order the PC or Mac versions through Steam or Telltale Games directly currently get 10 per cent off a season pass: £17.09 rather than £18.99.