With time off work on its way for Christmas there’s plenty of gaming to be done. So now is the best time to start stockpiling games ready to fill your time. With that in mind, Gamefly Digital is offering a Build Your Own Bundle service.

You can pick and choose titles from a publisher and get them in a bundle for less. For example, from 2K publishing you can get BioShock (£10), BioShock 2 (£14), BioShock Infinite (£30) all for £14. It works in three, four or five-game bundles. So add Borderlands Game of the Year Edition to that (£20) and the bundle goes up to only £18. Add Spec Ops: The Line (£20) and you’ll get all five for £21. Or from the Rockstar bundle get GTA IV, Bully, and Max Payne 3 all for £14.

With a huge selection of games on offer this is a good time to pick up all those great titles you meant to buy but never got round to. A bit like getting a bunch of box sets all at once to enjoy. Not a bad way to get a heap of Christmas presents too.