Mad Catz' Android-based MOJO games machine is now available for customers to purchase from retailers, joining the slew of Android-based consoles on the market. 

Made available on Tuesday, the MOJO can be purchased for £219.99/$249.99 and for that you get the console and one C.N.T.R.L. Mobile Gamepad. Amazon, NewEgg, and Fry's Electronics all have the console in-stock for customers to purchase ahead of Christmas. 

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Unlike rivals including the GameStick, Ouya and Green Throttle, the MOJO is compatible with many thousands of applications found on the Google Play general app marketplace. The console is run by Android 4.2.2, with 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage with a microSD card slot for expansion by up to a further 128GB, Full HD 1080p output through HDMI, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, powering the console. 

Yes, it will play Angry Birds. 

Better yet, Mad Catz revealed in October that its MOJO console will eventually feature PC game streaming capability, available through a software update sometime shortly after launch. "We're talking to Nvidia and we hope to enable GameStream soon after the launch of the console," Alex Verrey, Mad Catz's global PR director, said in November.