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(Pocket-lint) - TellTale Games has confirmed it is working on a Game of Thrones series of adventure games to come out in 2014 on a variety of platforms. Although specific release details have not been revealed, the company is known to release its titles on iOS as well as console and PC. And as Android versions of its hugely successful The Walking Dead serialised games are also expected soon, that format is an option too.

The teaser trailer for Game of Thrones was shown during Spike TV's VGX Awards. It doesn't reveal what characters might appear in the series, but does proclaim that it will bring "an epic new chapter in the saga of Westeros". It also uses the TV show soundtrack and the HBO logo appears at the end, which suggests it will be based on the television adaptation rather than directly on George R R Martin's novels.

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TellTale also announced that it will be releasing adventure titles based on Gearbox's Borderlands games. These will feature similar cell shaded graphics found in its The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us series - and the Borderlands first-person shooters themselves.

It's a busy tims at the developer, with he first chapter of The Walking Dead Season Two becoming available soon.

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