A YouTube app is finally available for Nintendo 3DS/2DS handheld consoles. Offered as a free download in the Nintendo eShop, the application brings access to the millions of videos and YouTube channels to the gaming device, albeit with one or two caveats.

The first is that quality is not as great as might be found on other platforms. While it plays in the top screen and gives you touchscreen controls below, the picture even in HQ mode is a bit blocky - although that might be because of our connection. The more amusing caveat is the lack of 3D support. On a 3D console.

That probably won't matter to most though, as a majority of those we've encountered here at Pocket-lint rarely switch on the 3D option on their 3DS and 3DS XL consoles, favouring to play the games in 2D instead. Would be nice to have been given the option but we suspect that YouTube's 3D formatting doesn't work the way that the Nintendo system would require.

The free app is available for North American and European Nintendo 3DS and 2DS owners now - including those in the UK.