Moga Ace Power is the first game controller for iOS 7 and works with the iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S and fifth-generation iPod Touch. Thanks to an expandable dock the controller will work with whichever device you own.

The controller is Lightning friendly so you can charge as you’re playing. And playing should be an immersive experience thanks to a selection of interaction points including dual analogue sticks, a d-pad, action buttons, L1, R1, L2 and R2 triggers, plus a headphone jack.

The Moga itself has a built-in battery so it will extend your device’s life as you play - or just double as a handy charger on the go. Initial reports suggest the controller could still do with improving, but it’s first to reach pre-order and offers more options than before. If you don’t mind waiting, Logitech and others are rumoured to have controllers in the works too.

The Moga will cost $99 (£62) and is available to reserve now from the Moga website or Apple Store.