Moga, the smartphone gaming controller maker, has unveiled a new range which for the first time charges your phone as you play.

The Moga Pro Power and Moga Hero Power both use a slide to fit holder to fit most smartphones. With dual clickable analogue sticks, a direction pad, four buttons plus four shoulder buttons most games will be covered for controls. The Moga Hero Power offers a 1800mAh battery while the Moga Pro Power delivers 2200mAh from its battery.

Both devices work with handsets that are running Android 2.3 or newer and each comes with an 8-inch Moga Boost cable and 3ft micro-B USB charger cable. The Pro also comes with a stand for your tablet.

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The controllers step up the offering from the last generation not only by offering charge but also with improved Bluetooth, better ergonomics, multiplayer gaming on the same screen, and more supported games in the library (currently in the hundreds).

The Moga Hero Power will cost $60 (£38) while the Moga Pro Power will set you back $80. Both are available via the Moga website.