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(Pocket-lint) - Ouya has gone back to the drawing board in regards to its ill-received controller, though you won't be able to see the differences until after you've bought it. 

Critics have been harshly critical of Ouya's controller. It's aesthetically similar to the console itself, but other than that, it's just awful. The battery slots are under the almost impossible to detach face panels. The offset analog sticks have "soft" tension. The triggers feel flimsy. The list goes on.

Julie Uhrman, founder of Ouya, has heard all of these complaints and more, so she told Polygon that changes to the controller are in the works. Specifically, the company has redesigned the controller by adding more-textured thumbsticks, non-sticky action buttons and tighter triggers.

Ouya has actually already stopped production on the original controller, and it's now producing the new one. Consumers won't be able to differentiate the original controller from the redesigned controller when shopping in retail stores though, as the packaging hasn't changed at all.

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That means you could potentially buy old stock of the original controller when shopping for the redesigned one. Uhrman thinks that keeping the packaging the same isn't a big deal, however. "I think what's different here is that every company does it, it's just that no one talks about it," she said.

Aside from the controller, Uhrman also talked about the Ouya 2. The company will start working on the next-generation console and has a plan to ship it sometime in 2014. Specs and a release date have not been finalised. Ouya is also working with designer Yves Behar again, but this time it's about changing the look of Ouya for Ouya 2. 

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Ouya is one of the most successful crowdfunded projects of all time, raising more than $8.5 million on Kickstarter. But it has also suffered many setbacks since completing its campaign, some of which include shipping delays to backers and complaints over the controller.

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