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(Pocket-lint) - Minecraft has unveiled a new toy collection. Think Angry Birds - but with textured cubes.

Minecraft is a virtual building game that allows players to create cuboid, 3D worlds. It's available on iOS and Android, where there are over 56 million registered users. With such a huge following, it only makes since that Minecraft would want to introduce a toy range.

The full range, manufactured by Character Options, includes Minecraft action figures and plush and paper craft building projects. Jazwares, a global licensed product partner, is Minecraft's UK distribution partner.

The action figures are 3-inch scale figures for ages 6 years and over. Specifically, there are four characters in the collection (Steve, Creeper, Enderman and Zombie), and they each have Minecraft accessories too. 

There are also four 7-inch soft toys. Called Hostile Mobs and Animal Mobs, the first collection set features Creeper and Enderman, and the latter features Baby Mooshroom and Baby Pig. Minecraft said they are great for ages 2 and up.

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Last, but not least, Minecraft has unveiled Paper Craft collections. There are four 30-piece sets and four 48-piece sets and one with more than 90 pieces.

The easy-to-build Paper Craft activity sets are at a 1/16 scale. The 30-piece collections go by the names Animal Mobs, Hostile Mobs and Utility Pack, whereas the 48-piece collections go by the names Snow Biome, Minecart and Shelter Pack. The 90-piece is a Minecraft Paper Craft Overworld Deluxe Pack. Each are suitable for ages 6 years and over.

Minecraft has previously said the products will be available for Christmas 2013, but we've contacted the company for more firm details on the release date and pricing. Check out all the promo images in the gallery below.

UPDATE: The action figures and plush toys will cost £7.99 each, and the Papercraft sets will range from £9.99 to £19.99 each.

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