If you're suffering while waiting for the next series of Game of Thrones to start, or you've read all the books and have an itch you can't scratch, all is not lost.

Spanish amateur game designer Abel Alves has created an 8-bit Game of Thrones side-scrolling platformer to see you through.

Just to hear the Game of Thrones theme in glorious 8-bit sound is enough to give us a fix. But then you've got the likes of Jon Snow, Daenerys, and Theon making appearances on levels that include the Wall and the lands of the Dothraki.

The 68MB game is free and can be downloaded from here. So prepare to use sword and dire wolf to fight your foes in one of the best pieces of fan art we could hope for. It really is worth a download for the music if nothing else. 

If you're on a Mac you'll need to run a PC emulator to play it, like WineBottler.