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(Pocket-lint) - Game studio 22cans announced on Friday that its Godus beta would finally be available as a download on 13 September for Windows and Mac.

Godus is a "god game-style video game" developed by the independent game studio 22Cans and designed by Peter Molyneux. He's the British programmer behind Dungeon Keeper, Populous, Black & White and other titles. When Pocket-lint interviewed Molyneux in July, he described Godus as an "incredible, relaxing, amazing world that always surprises you".

Godus first appeared on Kickstarter in November 2012 to raise funds and reached its goal of £450,000 by the end of the funding period.

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Godus beta will cost £14.99 for both Windows and Mac via Steam Early Access. Steam is a digital distribution developed by Valve Corporation. Its Early Access program launched in March 2013, allowing game developers to release beta versions to users as a way of testing and gaining feedback toward the final version.

"I am proud and delighted that the beta version Godus will be available for download," said Molyneux in a release on Friday. "This is the type of game I have dreamt of making since first getting into the industry; having people play the beta and give us valuable feedback while doing so, makes that dream a reality."

It's unknown at this time if 22cans has any mobile versions of Godus in the works, but check out the gallery below for some screenshots of the desktop beta. There's also a trailer above.

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