The long-awaited GameStick Android games console will finally be released at the end of September. Originally planned for an April debut, which first slipped to June, the device by games portal PlayJam is now listed on in the States for a 30 September launch. Those who helped fund the project on Kickstarter will have their devices shipped in the middle of the month.

GameStick is different from other consoles based on the Android operating system, such as Ouya, because it doesn't so much feature a set-top-box, more a USB stick or Chromecast-style device that plugs straight into the HDMI port of a TV or AV amplifier. The included joypad - which also contains a slot to house the stick when not in use - works wirelessly through Bluetooth and the whole kit and caboodal costs £79.99 in the UK. Game will be the initial supplier this side of the pond, with GameStop joining Amazon in the US.

Specifications for the stick include an ARM Cortex A9 processor, Mali 400 GPU, 8GB of on-board storage with a microSD card slot allowing for expansion by up to 32GB.

It is also capable of 1080p video playback and has Wi-Fi built-in, while the release delay has helped PlayJam build more a library of compatible games in time for launch. As with Ouya and Green Throttle, the games need to have specific controller codes baked into the software by the developer, so you can't just download anything you like through Google Play. Instead, it comes with its own user experience, front-end and app store.

Big name titles that will be available from launch include Shadow Gun, Smash Cops, Riptide GP, and Ski Safari.