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(Pocket-lint) - SimCity will be available for Mac gamers on 29 August, EA announced on Monday. The game studio had originally planned for a Mac launch on 11 June, but explained it was delayed for a better experience. 

SimCity will be cross-platform compatible, meaning all players, whether on Mac or PC, will be able to play online together regardless of their platform. Furthermore, if you purchased digital and boxed copies of SimCity for PC, you'll be entitled to a free copy of SimCity for Mac. EA plans to distribute the game through its Origin store. 

SimCity had very rocky beginnings. Upon its first launching, customers found themselves unable to play because of server issues. Many gamers blamed this on the game being online only and its not having an offline component to it. EA has made it clear that an offline feature won't be coming either. 

A SimCity Amusement Park expansion pack launched on 28 May through Origin as downloadable content. The DLC enhances the look and appeal of the city and provides "more things to do" - like running an Amusement Park - as a mayor.

In May, EA announced it had sold 1.6 million units of SimCity to date. Presumably, Mac sales will help push that number forward.

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