After months of testing, Rovio has rolled out its Rovio Account service for iOS and Android. It basically allows Angry Birds gamers to pick up where they left off on different devices. You could start a game on iPad and carry on on a Samsung Galaxy S4, for example. 

"Rovio Account lets you store your game progress and continue playing on another device," Rovio explains as it green lights the service for all iPhone, iPad and Android users around the world. 

The service is likely to be welcomed by tablet and smartphone users who, up until now, have been forced to do the same levels over and over again on the different devices they own. 

For now, Rovio Account is available on the original Angry Birds game, as well as The Croods. However, Rovio says it plans to include Rovio Account support in other Angry Birds and non-Angry Birds titles in the future.