Los Angeles-based content distribution company The Writer's Group Film Corp announced on Tuesday that it had signed a binding term sheet to purchase Amiga Games Incorporated and more than 300 of its titles. 

The Amiga was a computer platform by Commodore made popular in the late 80s and early 90s. Titles were 16-bit and often considered more attractive than offerings on rival platform Atari ST. Two of the more recognisable games were Wings and Alien Breed.

In addition, many present day developers - including SimCity's Will Wright, Railroad Tycoon's Sid Meier and others - first established themselves on Amiga. More recently Amiga has stayed busy by licensing iconic video game libraries and re-publishing them for smartphones, game consoles, PCs and mobile platforms. 

The acquisition of Amiga will cost $500,000 (£335,000). That's a bargain,  considering The Writer's Group Film Corp revealed in a press release that it plans to announce more news in the coming weeks about "new and existing distribution arrangements with the best-selling smartphone, tablet and other device manufacturers".

In other words, The Writer's Group Film Corp wants to re-launch Amiga's entire back catalogue of classics - and iOS/Android releases seem likely.