Mad Catz has announced a number of new headsets on the eve of E3 2013. Making the hop over from consoles, the Tritton Kunai has two new editions for Windows and Mac, as well as a universal headset that will work across consoles, PCs and smart devices.

The Tritton Kunai offers 40mm neodymium drivers and an in-line remote for volume and chat controls.

"The Tritton Kunai range has proven popular thanks to its balance of performance, value and aesthetics and today's announcement will allow us to reach passionate gamers on virtually any platform," said Darren Richardson, president and CEO of Mad Catz.

Then there is the Tritton Pro+. This Windows and Mac headset offers true 5.1 surround sound, with four separate drivers in each earcup.

The Tritton Pro+ also has an in-line remote, as well as selectable voice monitoring, which will let you choose whether you want to hear back your own voice when you speak.

Also adding to the noise is the new Freq 4D gaming headset, designed for Windows PC and smartphones or tablets.

The Freq 4D incorporates something that the company is calling ViviTouch 4D Sound, which is said to add a physical dimension.

Mad Catz says: "ViviTouch 4D Sound combines muscular bass with sensory feedback, producing an actual physical sensation to the gaming audio." So whlie we're sure the bass is meaty, it might also feel like you're having your head kicked in.

"Utilising ViviTouch 4D technology, we believe the Freq 4D brings an added sense of realism to sound effects in first person shooters and action adventure games," said Richardson.

To make the Freq 4D universal, the cable can be detached to convert it from USB to 3.5mm, so you can plug it in to your smartphone for that physical sensation on the move.

The Tritton Kunai headsets and the Freq 4D will be available in black, white or red. There's no word on pricing, but they should be landing in stores later in 2013.