AMD supplies Microsoft and Sony with 8-core, Jaguar-derived chipsets, and now the company has released a trailer to highlight its A-Series APU that's based on the semi-custom units powering the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The trailer, titled Be Invincible, was released on Tuesday and allows viewers to "journey to the computational battlefield with the new AMD A- Series APU".

AMD's A-Series APU notably sports accelerated processing for a "new-world of brutal workloads", as evident by the video below, which visually demonstrates workloads - such as graphics and motion sequences - and fully illustrates the power behind the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The high-end graphics within the Xbox One reportedly cost Microsoft more than $3 billion as part of a multi-year contract with AMD, and Sony's deal for Playstation 4 is likely to have been just as pricey, so AMD's new trailer is essentially a shining example of what Microsoft and Sony got for their money.