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(Pocket-lint) - Curiosity is, as its name suggests, one of the more curious gaming apps we've come across. Released by Peter Molyneux - the creator of Populous, the first "god game", back in 1989 - in November 2012, the premise was to tap away at a cube to reveal what was inside. One winner would reveal a lottery-like "life changing" result. But nobody knew what that meant, at least not until now.

In a Charlie And The Chocolate Factory style golden ticket win, the app has just won one lucky winner the title of digital god in forthcoming title Godus - another Molyneux title, headed up by his 22Cans company and crowd-funded via Kickstarter - plus a cut of users' spend. Whether that means in-game spend, title purchase spend or a mix of both isn't yet clear. But talk about being the envy of all. . .

In a video released by 22Cans, Molyneux is shown talking to camera to divulge some details of the app winner's prize: "After 25-billion cublets have been destroyed over 150 days, after 4-million people have downloaded on to various devices and after hosting tens of thousands of simultaneous, concurrent users, we have reached the end. And one lucky person has reaped the rewards of their hard efforts," he says.

"How can anything be worth all that effort? We could give you a big wadge of cash. But it needs to be more meaningful than that. And so what is in the centre is something that only we can grant. And it is the ability to be a digital god.

"We are making a game called Godus. The whole game is about being a god to your followers. You - you the person who has reached the centre - will be the god of all people that are playing Godus. You will decide; intrinsically decide on the rules that the game is played by. And - here's the life-changing bit - you will share in the success of the product.

"Every time people spend money on Godus you will get a small piece of that buy. We will follow up with details of what that means. It does mean - as we break this down and analyse this - it means that you will decide on how people play a game. You will accrue riches from that game from the start until the finish of your reign. That, by any definition of the word, is life-changing.

"You will have fame, you will have fortune and you will have the power to introduce morals into the game.

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"This idea of allowing one human being to be the god of an entire game genre came to us many years ago and it's only now when we're all connected - when the whole of the gaming universe is connected together - that we have the power to do it. And I hope that you find that this is worth those sore fingers that you may have gained through tapping. And I hope the world agrees with me that it is a worthy prize..."

Wowzers. And who won this prize? A young man called Bryan Henderson who, as revealed in an interview with Wired, had only been playing the game for about an hour before he won. Lucky chap.

Here's hoping he makes a good digital god and doesn't let all the power go to his head, otherwise Godus might prove to be a bit of a pain to play for all its 17,184 backers.

Writing by Mike Lowe. Originally published on 27 May 2013.