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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft is taking the wraps off its new Xbox One console. During the event, Microsoft announced that live television streaming will be available on the next-generation console. You will be able to hook-up your cable or satellite box to the console through an HDMI-in port.

Furthermore, Microsoft said the Xbox One would feature a Guide to show what's on television. You can use your voice to control what you want to watch - for example,  you can say "Watch MTV" and the channel will be loaded, or you can ask "What's on HBO?" and the guide will show you what's currently playing. There's also a favourites tab, like on Windows 8, to pin your favourite channels and content.

Additionally, you can use your voice to switch between different apps on the Xbox One. A command like "Switch to Internet Explorer" will switch to the web browser and "Switch to live TV" will bring you back to where you were, watching the latest Desperate Housewives.

Microsoft further announced "snap mode" where you can run programs alongside each other, similar to what's available on Windows 7 and Windows 8. With the new Skype integration that's been introduced, you can do a group video chat while watching TV.

Lastly, ESPN and NFL integration has been introduced for fantasy sports fans in the crowd. You'll get notifications for when your fantasy players are playing, and you can manage your teams and get the latest information. 

We're waiting for more details. In the meantime, watch our live stream of the event for the latest.

Writing by Jake Smith. Originally published on 21 May 2013.