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(Pocket-lint) - The Kickstarter-originating Ouya game console has been pushed back from its original 4 June launch date to 25 June as the company fixes flaws with the controller. On the upside for Ouya, it says it is seeing more interest at the retail level and also needs the extra three weeks to meet the added demand. 

The critical controller flaw was addressed in an April blog post by Ouya chief Julie Uhrman, who worked to counter negative reviews from early backers and mainstream publications who got an early look at the Android-based console. "Last week, we started shipping units to our early backers, but there is still much to do (we’re listening, promise) and we are on it," Uhrman said at the time.

When speaking to Joystiq on Thursday, Uhrman said the new fixed controllers are being put into production and have been sent to Kickerstarter backers as replacements. The corrected controllers, with larger holes so the buttons don't get stuck, will ship alongside retail units.

On Thursday Ouya announced further big news at the corporate level, saying it raised $15 million in Kickstarter funding. The company says it will use the additional money to support OUYA's growing game development community and meet increased demand for the upcoming retail launch. 

OUYA has already begun shipping to early Kickstarter backers, but will be generally available on June 25 in the US, Canada and the UK. It will be offered on OUYA's online store, along with retailers Amazon, Best Buy, Game, GameStop and Target. The console will retail for £65 in the UK and additional controllers will retail for £32.50.

In April, Uhrman said the OUYA staff would add external storage for games, simpler game install process, more metrics for developers, controller support for video players and more payment options for games on the OUYA store. Overall UI responsiveness will also be improved, according to the Uhrman.

It's not clear if those features will make it in before the retail launch.

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Writing by Jake Smith. Originally published on 9 May 2013.