Rovio has introduced a new system that allows you to sync your Angry Birds progress across multiple devices. Called Rovio Accounts, the cloud-based system is getting a staggered roll out across different countries and Rovio titles.

It will launch first with The Croods app globally, before being added to Angry Birds in Finland and Poland. Rovio says  in a blog post that the rest of the worldwide rollout will happen "gradually"

Being able to save across Angry Birds titles makes sense, especially given the sheer number of platforms on which the game now exists. Naturally, it will take a while for Rovio to get support to everything from smart TVs to phones, but it should mean you can eventually transfer your three-star ratings to every device.

At the moment, the entire Rovio product line-up accounts for 230 million active users a month. That is a huge number to contend with and, as such, is likely to be the reason for the slower rollout.