One of the criticisms levelled at Green Throttle Games for its Android gaming concept has been that, while its Atlas controllers are great - very Xbox gamepad - and we like the idea any Android device could work as a living room games machine, there are far too few titles available to play from launch. And those are basic in realisation.

The issue is now starting to be addressed, with several compatible titles making their way on to the Green Throttle Arena hub application, now and in the coming weeks. Some of them are strong games too, including the original Duke Nukem 3D.

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Another game to be added is The Bard's Tale, a highly decorated return for the original role-playing franchise. Endless runner Suran, brick-breaker Slyon and Painkiller: Purgatory HD join Duke Nukem 3D in coming soon, but not quite available yet. But you can play FreeFall Tournament now. It's a fast-paced team combat, third-person shooter and costs nothing to download from the respective app stores: Google Play or Amazon Appstore.

"Today's announcement demonstrates our commitment to bringing popular games that appeal to hardcore gamers to our platform - not just casual games," said Charles Huang, co-founder and CEO of Green Throttle Games. "We have made console-like gaming extremely accessible to mobile consumers by using the Android device they already own, and we are excited to see these new games come to life on the big screen TV."