GameStick, the miniature Android-based games console, will also have media centre capabilities thanks to a partnership between PlayJam and Pivos Technology Group, over the latter's XBMC platform.

Like rival for the Android gaming space OUYA, GameStick's media streaming and playback abilities will be driven by XBMC technologies. PlayJam is yet to reveal exactly what feature set this will bring, but as XBMC is compatible with nigh-on every video and audio codec out there, it means you'll most likely be able to stream most content stored on a PC, Mac or Linux device to the diminutive console.

In return, the XBMC Media Center experience will get the same PlayJam gaming platform that will be driving GameStick. Therefore, a range of embedded devices will be able to access a GameStick-style UI and content.

"Working with Pivos and the XBMC community to integrate a world-class media centre into GameStick is a major step forward in our ambitions," said Jasper Smith, CEO of PlayJam. "Likewise, extending the reach of our games platform via XBMC fulfils our underlying goal of accelerating the affordable TV games market. Combining the two is very much the holy grail."

GameStick is available for pre-order for $79 from the company's official website. It is a small device that plugs into the HDMI port of a TV set, and is stored in the top of the wireless gamepad when not in use. It's one of the many Kickstarter sensations that helped the crowd funding service raise over $100 million for gaming projects in the past four years.