We're not in the habit of writing about hairdos here at Pocket-lint. But there's a lot to be said for Lara Croft's new coif in the latest Tomb Raider game. Powered by AMD's TressFX, it gives higher-spec PC gamers the first in-game depiction of a real-time, strand-based physics hair system.

Geek-gasm, yes, but it's a nod to the direction of the detail in which next-generation games are not only heading but have already arrived - even if, for now, it's restricted to PC power.

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We've seen the system in full flow - take a look at the newly posted video at the head of the page for a peek yourself - and in some of the close-up scenes where the wind grabs at those locks it looks absolutely fantastic.

In other sections, we feel that the over-exerted motion of Lara's ponytail does bob around a bit too zealously, and considering the amount of blood and mud-smattering within the game she sure does keep those strands looking mighty well conditioned. No split ends to be seen here. Maybe the game's designers did sneak in some Tresemme after all.