Do you remember internet viral videos before Psy came along and mucked it all up? You know, things like Charlie Bit My Finger, Star Wars kid and any number of Hilter's Downfall mash-ups? Well, then you will remember Tay Zonday and Chocolate Rain.

To date internet sensation Zonday has received more than 88 million hits for his video of Chocolate Rain - a song he wrote himself. His deep, booming voice that belies his appearance and odd mannerisms became the talk of the town five years ago. But, as with many instant digital sensations, he disappeared into the background again, to be replaced by a cat falling off a table, or something.

To be honest, he's never really gone away. He regularly gets hundreds of thousands of views for his cover versions of movie themes and pop songs. However, he hasn't really shown up on Pocket-lint's radar until now. Singing the theme song from Skyrim, Dragonborn, will do that.

There's not much we can say about it other than it's a perfect way to kick off the weekend. So sit back and let Zonday's Barry White style tones wash over you, like a wave of surfboarders. Enjoy.

And here's the original Chocolate Rain for good measure...