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(Pocket-lint) - OUYA boss Julie Urhman has confirmed that the company will be releasing new models of the console on a regular basis, adding official weight to Pocket-lint's early January exclusive that a stereoscopic 3D version is on its way.

The idea, suggests Urhman, is that OUYA will follow a smartphone release strategy unlike the current, traditional games console cycle.

Traditionally, games console refreshes are released on a six to seven-year cycle. This has been the case since the early days and the Nintendo Entertainment System. However, the OUYA team wants to do things differently, upgrading to the latest tech as it becomes available.

Speaking to Engadget, CEO Urhman said, "Our strategy is very much similar to the mobile strategy. There will be a new OUYA every year. There will be an OUYA 2 and an OUYA 3. We'll take advantage of faster, better processors, take advantage of prices falling. So if we can get more than 8GB of Flash in our box, we will."

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She also confirmed that all games will be tied to the user, not the device, and will be backwards compatible, so you won't be punished for upgrading. There are thoughts that suggest the PlayStation 4 will not be backwards compatible with previous PlayStation game discs (although they may be available for digital download).

Previously, our source told us that the second OUYA would come with stereoscopic 3D capabilities. Since then, our chums at developer Puzzl showed us that stereoscopic 3D-compatibility is included as an option on the OUYA dev kit sent out at the end of last year.

Tegra 3 is capable of outputting 3D images, but it is our understanding from the original conversation we had that it won't be utilised until the next generation of machine.

Pic: Puzzl

Writing by Rik Henderson.