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(Pocket-lint) - GameStick, the slender games console due in April from the PlayJam team, has finished its Kickstarter fundraising campaign with six times the funding target. The final figure raised is $647,658 on a target of $100,000, so indications are very good for the company to hit the expected shipping date of April.

During the pledging process, GameStick actually ran foul of an IP dispute which saw it suspend the Kickstarter campaign. However, this was proven to be a problem with something shown in the promotional video rather than the games console itself, and was soon resolved.


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Additionally, the company used its online presence to great effect by inviting suggestions on how the final product should look, with the end result being designed with the help of the Kickstarter community.

GameStick is a small device that slots into the HDMI socket of any HD TV and gives you access to a large library of compatible Android-based games, all running through the PlayJam service.

The USB stick-looking console is housed in the top of the joypad for easy storage and portability. It is expected to be shipped to backers from April and will be priced at $79 when released to the public at large.

Writing by Rik Henderson.