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(Pocket-lint) - OUYA, the $99 Android games console that started shipping in the US at the very end of last year, will be available in the UK from March. And Pocket-lint has learnt that the company is planning on following up the first device with another for later in the year - one that's capable of outputting stereoscopic 3D content.

Currently, the OUYA website says pre-orders will ship in April, but it seems there will be enough stock to get them into customers' hands sooner. It has already made numerous headlines, thanks to being the subject of one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns of all time, securing $8.6 million in crowd sourced funding through the site.

It now seems that this money will go partly towards developing upgraded devices. Our source told us that the company is excited about the launch of the first OUYA, but is not resting on its laurels. The 3D version will offer stereoscopic gaming on a compatible 3DTV.

Our source also suggested that the final UK price for the original OUYA games console will be £99, including a games controller. That's slightly more than if you pre-order one from the official online store now - it will cost you $99 (£61.60) with a $20 (£12.44) shipping fee to get it to the UK - but you'll save a lot of hassle by buying one direct.

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We have also been told that in the US the console will initially be an Amazon.com exclusive on its full consumer release - currently, only those who pledged funds in the higher brackets have their machines. We are yet to find out if such a deal will exist with Amazon.co.uk in the UK.

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