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(Pocket-lint) - There's no doubt about it, this year is going to be massive for the games industry and fans alike. Not only are we expecting new consoles from Microsoft and Sony to be announced in the summer - commonly dubbed Xbox 720 and PS4 respectively - but the battle to rival those next generation machines for living room real estate is also to see several new combatants enter the fray.

Steam is expected to introduced a Linux-based gaming box - stripped down PC, essentially - that will run games suited to games controllers. Cloud gaming service OnLive will be pre-installed on LG Smart TVs, among others. And let's not forget the unique talents of the Wii U, which sold out in many of the launch regions over Christmas.


However, many believe that the biggest rival to the next-gen (and current generation) machines will be Android. Or, at least, devices that run a version of the operating system which plug into a TV and can play the thousands upon thousands of games already available.

Last year's most successful Kickstarter-funded project OUYA nears release, with some stand-alone Android-based boxes finding their way into US backers' hands already. Then we heard about Green Throttle, which will use your existing Android device.

Now GameStick, another device to use the open source OS as its basis, has appeared on Kickstarter.

2013 the year of the android games console with ouya green throttle and now gamestick image 2

GameStick is a product devised by Smart TV gaming platform PlayJam. The console itself is tiny - roughly the size of a USB stick - and it comes with a dedicated Bluetooth controller.

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The stick part plugs into the back of a TV through the HDMI port and allows access to specially adapted Android games available through the PlayJam Games Network service, which include Shadowgun, Dead Trigger, Cannabalt and Smash Cops.

The company also hopes to work with other Android developers to port their games over, and is asking for $100,000 on Kickstarter in order to start production. It is currently in the beta testing phase.

If the final figure is reached by 1 February, the GameStick - which will retail for $75 (£45) - will be available from as soon as March/April.

"We are fortunate to have been able to utilise our existing technology to get us to this point and have preferred manufacturers in place and an existing developer network ready to go," said Jasper Smith, CEO of PlayJam. "However, to get this project over the line and into full production, we need the support of the backers on Kickstarter."

You can pledge money to the project on its dedicated page on Kickstarter. Or find out more on its website at www.gamestick.tv.

Writing by Rik Henderson.