Kickstarter's flagbearer Ouya, the Android-powered games console, is starting to ship to backing developers. Those who paid $699 or more toward the project should have a delivery confirmation turning up in their email inbox anytime soon.

Designed to be an ultra-affordable means to play Android-based games at home, Ouya has been making waves in the start-up world for a while.

In the box should be a developer console with a clear plastic case, a pair of clear controllers and, crucially, the ODK software development kit the system requires. There's an "unboxing" video on YouTube too, although it does have a whiff of that Wii U unboxing performed by Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata.

If you're willing to wait, conventional Ouya boxes will be going on sale at $99 once the project is up and running proper. In the meantime, developers rejoice, as your Ouya box should be on its way now.

Shame you can't pony up that kind of cash for an Xbox 720 dev kit; we would start saving immediately. But Ouya clearly isn't short of cash, having managed to raise nearly $8.6 million from 63,416 backers.