ZeptoLab has released a new game that it hopes will be the start of a new lucrative franchise, after its enormous success with Cut The Rope. Pudding Monsters is again an intuitive puzzle game with cute, vibrant cartoon characters and backdrops, and it's available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad today.

Like Cut The Rope, Pudding Monsters requires forward planning and trial and error to score perfectly on each level. It presents you with several jelly-like puddings on a set grid and you have to swipe them in the correct directions in order for the individual "monsters" to join up.

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There are obstacles and collectables along the way, plus, stars are placed on the grid which will give you perfect scores if you manage to land your expanded creation on all three by level end. It's fun, remarkably simple to pick up, yet difficult to master. A typical ZeptoLab game then.

Pudding Monsters will also be available on Android through Google Play soon, but for now iDevice users can get it on the App Store for 69p, with the iPhone and iPod touch version different to the iPad one - Pudding Monsters HD.