Games that feature UK locations or characters, such as Lara Croft, or use UK development staff are to get tax breaks, says the government. Eligibility will be decided by a points system, which rates how British each game is and is applied to those who score highly.

A game that scores 16 points will qualify. Four points can be awarded for games that contribute "to the promotion, development and enhancement of British culture". Up to a further four points may be awarded on the percentage of the game set in the UK or another European Economic Area state.

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Four points can be earned by having characters in the game from the UK or EEA, and four more for having a British story or tale from an EEA state.

Points can also be awarded for a game being in the English language, but that's hardly ever likely to be an issue.

The final divvy of points are based on how many members of the development team were involved in the game's creation, and what roles they fulfilled.

More than £15 million in breaks will be distributed in the next financial year, the government says, rising to £35 million for the following period.