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(Pocket-lint) - Rovio has confirmed that Angry Birds will make its movie debut in 2016, with a 3D animated adventure entering production. The announcement comes as the feathered fighters celebrate their third birthday.

The Finnish games developer in independently financing the film, rather than seeking established studio help, although it will no doubt be entering into negotiations with the big boys for distribution nearer release. At the moment, the project is in its infancy, although it does have Despicable Me producer John Cohen on board. He is joined by the former chairman of Marvel Studios David Maisel, who will be the executive producer - a role he fulfilled on Iron Man.

No writer or director is attached yet, but Pocket-lint would like to make one suggestion for the casting department. We think the lead of Babe should play the nefarious, egg-stealing villain. That's unless he's currently being seen in the West End... in bacon sandwiches.

Of course, this won't be the first movie tie-in for the Angry Birds. Animated film Rio had strong marketing links with Rovio's franchise, including an entire game featuring characters from the movie.

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Rovio should also think about adapting its latest Angry Birds game into a movie. But this time, make it live action. We can just see it... Star Wars, the movie! Oh, hang on...

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