Buying a gift for a gamer is not as easy as it might sound. They already have a games console and they'll have pre-ordered that AAA game title long before the tree has been bought or the turkey ordered. If you want to be canny this year, it's time for the Customisable Christmas on Pocket-lint.

We'll be bringing you all sorts of interesting ways to personalise presents for friends and loved ones because nothing says, "How bloody good am I at finding gifts" like bespoke. So, if you're looking for something special for the gamer in your life, then read on for Pocket-lint’s ideas on the best customisable gaming kit this Christmas.

Evil Controllers

Adding a unique twist to your gaming is Evil Controllers. Using a formidable browser-based customisation tool, it's possible to create an Xbox 360 or PS3 controller unlike any other.

You can pick out the colour of each individual part of the controller, be it buttons, analogue sticks or shoulder triggers. Or make them see-through. You can even select the colours of the Xbox 360 ring.

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The controllers can also be tweaked to suit certain games. Call of Duty, for example, bound to be quite a hit this Christmas, has its own controller presets that will give you the gaming edge. Fast reloads and rapid fire are order of the day here. Not something you think of on Christmas Day, but it will keep the CoD fans happy, believe us.

Evil controllers start at £50 and can be picked up here. They ship from the US, so get that order in early if you want to make the Christmas post. 

Astro gaming headset

Christmas Day is not so great if you have the sound of machineguns going off in the background while you are cooking the pud. The fix? A customisable gaming headset. The Astro gaming headset has detachable panels on either side which you can order to your own design.

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Tags, a customisation tool available on the Astro website, lets you create a set tailored to whoever you are gifting. You can also upload your own image, to add a truly personalised feel to a set of headphones.

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Astro is well known for its gaming gear and the latest A30 and A40 series of headsets have been extremely well received. All feature 7.1 Dolby Surround sound and will add an incredible amount of audio quality to your gaming. Astro custom gaming tags start at £20. Headphones start at £175 and can be bought here case skin

That's the headphones and controller covered, but what about the console itself? While you'll struggle to get a custom made console in a colourway of your choice, it is possible to wrap the one you already have in a skin.

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Useful as a stocking filler, the selection of console covers from - on which can also incorporate your own snaps - makes it easy to produce a unique cover. Wrappz can be bought here and are priced from £7.99

Custom avatar

The Xbox 360 has a vast number of special items and clothes to make your Xbox Live avatar look special. As an extra Christmas touch, why not create your own avatar, throw in Xbox Live Gold membership and save it on to a USB?

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It's easy enough, all you need is an Xbox 360 console. Create a new username and and purchase Xbox Live membership for that name. Then go into the avatar menu while signed into your chosen Xbox Live username and start buying items - anything from unique Halo 4 items, to flip-flops and hats. Xbox Live avatar outfit prices vary.