To mark Resident Evil 6 hitting shops today (2 October), Capcom has cheekily reimagined the two candidates for the forthcoming US presidential election as zombies.

The pictures illustrate what could happen to President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney should the C-Virus really be let loose on the world. It'd certainly make the race to the White House a touch more interesting.

One word of warning though: don't let them lunge in to kiss your baby. It won't end well.

In addition, the publisher has put together a video trailer shot on the streets of London that imagines what the early days might be like as the virus escapes for the first time. People wandering about in white suits, examining strange stains on the floor - it's a bit like the night cleaners at Pocket-lint Towers.

Resident Evil 6 is out now for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.