Microsoft has teamed up with Atari to launch a new website that allows Internet Explorer users to play eight classic Atari games, including Pong and Mission Command.

The experience, which will actually work on any HTML5 browser including Chrome (although everywhere apart form IE will see adverts), is similar to Microsoft's previous ventures such as the Brandon Generator and Cut the Rope and designed to show that you can do on a "modern browser".

Visitors to will be able to play eight games initially including Asteroids, Centipede, Mission Command, Lunar Lander, Pong, Combat, Super Breakout and Yars' Revenge either on their laptop or soon Windows 8 tablet.

The site, which works in HTML 5, requires no plugins and if you are using it on IE 10 in Windows 8 benefits from additional hardware acceleration built in to the browser to make everything run smoother.

If you haven't updated yet, don't panic. Microsoft explained to Pocket-lint in a briefing before the official announcement that the site is clever enough to work out what hardware you do have and adjust accordingly, with certain elements of the site becoming static rather than all singing and dancing actions. IE9 users on Windows 7 will be just fine too.

Atari, which is behind the new site, also plans to add plenty more classic Atari games in the coming months, we've been told, as well as create an API for third-party developers to submit their own games for inclusion. And yes, developers will be able to charge to let you play so they'll have a reason to make good games.

Sadly there won't be an offline version to play away from the internet, but after a quick go the memories soon game flooding back. We played Asteroids on a Windows 8 tablet and the touch screen controls worked like a charm.

For those who don't just want to play by themselves there will be multiplayer support for some of the games, so expect the hours to fly by next time you find yourself in front of a web browser.