(Pocket-lint) - Only a matter of days after sending an open letter to the OnLive community claiming that co-founder Steve Perlman was to remain as CEO of the troubled cloud gaming service, OnLive has given him the boot after all.

In a statement released by Gary Lauder, the new sole investor, Perlman is leaving to "work on his myriad of other projects".

It is believed that former employees, who are being tapped up to rejoining the new company running OnLive, called for Perlman's resignation before they would contemplate taking new positions. Lauder has now made himself chairman, and has promoted Etienne Handman from chief operating officer to chief financial officer. Charlie Jablonski, the former head of OnLive operations, will be the new COO.

"Steve has created an extraordinary company that no one else could have created. He is a unique entrepreneur and deserves his legendary status in Silicon Valley as a creator of groundbreaking companies," said Lauder. 

"The new OnLive is emerging with greater financial security and a brighter outlook on the future. OnLive is now positioned to execute against longer-term projects with our breakthrough technology, products and services."

What does all this big cheese shuffling mean to you though? Hopefully, very little.

Although there have been major structural changes after the collapse of the company that formerly ran OnLive, the new organisation maintains its promise that services will remain unaffected and that subscribers will still have access to the games they have already paid for.

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The future is also a bit brighter for the service, with its deals with Android gaming platform OUYA and prospective Smart TV manufacturers offering the potential of reaching many more worldwide customers.

Writing by Rik Henderson.